Processing raw mass spectrometry data


ADAP-BIG is a free cross-platform software for processing raw untargeted mass spectrometry data, designed to handle large numbers of samples on machines with minimal system requirements. Users can choose between two workflows for processing liquid chromatography (LC-) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) data. The graphical user interface allows users to visualize the raw data and intermediate results along each step of the data processing.

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GUI to thoroughly assess all steps of a computational workflow

Each step of a computational workflow provides visualization capabilities that help analyse the results of that workflow step and adjust its parameters.


Each workflow step reads data from a disk, is executed in a separate process, and writes data back to the disk, releasing system resources immediately after its completion. Such modularization allows processing unlimited number of samples even on machines with low amount of RAM (see system requirements below).

Statistical Analysis

ADAP-BIG let users to perform the ANOVA significance tests and plot volcano plots without using third-party software.

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